This is Charlie. Rescued by Perros sin Casa in Lorca on Sunday night after being hit by a car.

perros sin casa rescue dog after being hit by car

perros sin casa rescue dog at the vets with broken hip

He was hit by a car and his hip is very badly broken and he has a pneumothorax.

x-ray of Charlie, perros sin casa rescue dog hit by car

He had x-rays taken and an ultra-sound examination. He spent his first night at the vet’s on a drip and stabilised well.

A specialist has now looked at the x-rays of Charlie’s broken hip and wants to operate as soon as possible, certainly by the end of this week. There are two different operations that could be done and the specialist will decide which one is the best option once he has Charlie there and he can see exactly where the small pieces of bone have broken away from.

Whichever operation Charlie needs it is going to cost at the very least 500 euros. Any help towards these costs are greatly appreciated, you can help by clicking on the donate button below.

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